Cordless Bacrcode Scanner

Cordless Bacrcode Scanner

Cordless or wireless barcode scanners use wireless technologies to connect to computers.

Cordless or Wireless Barcode Scanners use radio frequencies, or Bluetooth technology, send scanned information back to a dock or cradle base station that is attached to a computer via a USB, Serial or other connection cable. An advantage of a wireless barcode scanner is that it provides the user the freedom to move the scanner to the inventory instead of having to haul the inventory to the scanner, thus saving time and resources. Additionally, a wireless scanner improves productivity by offering a longer scan range, sometimes up to 200 feet. Some wireless barcode scanners are built with internal memory storage, which allows a user to store multiple scans without having to be right next to the dock or cradle base station.

  • Cino FuzzyScan F790WD WIFI
  • Cino FuzzyScan F790WD WIFI
  • Scanner Type: Cordless Wifi Linear Imager with Built-in Screen
    Barcode Compatibility: 1D Only
    Scan Rate: Dynamic Scanning Rate up to 500 Scans per Second

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